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We recognize that not every crypto project is ready for a monthly retainer with a PR firm. For that reason we offer individual products to help your team quickly and efficiently make a mark in the public sphere in a cost effective manner. While this is less strategic and effective than a long-term managed partnership can accomplish, it is a great initial step for any startup no matter where you are in your process. At the end of the day we believe the client is always right and are happy to help whatever your budget - if we can help spread adoption than we're happy!

Timely Press Release | $300

If you have an upcoming ICO or a blockchain-related company and are looking to publish a press release, we have a wide range of services available. Whether you have written your own press release or need us to write it for you, we can work with you to meet your company’s needs.  

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Executive Interview | $500

Our editors will craft a 500-800 word interview conducted via email. Client will approve final draft. Enjoy a maximum of 3 links to outside websites within the article. Articles will additionally contain SEO Keyword and Descriptions and remain live indevinately.

ICO Announcement | $995

Combine press releases and thought leadership articles to form a week long push to promote your ICO.

Thought Leadership Article | $500 

A well crafted article featuring your crypto project can promote your project and drive investor interest. The Crypto press outlets we work with are often happy to place these pieces since the quality is so high, the sales messaging is light, and they provide interesting and informative editorial for their audience.

Strategy Call | $200

Get a lay of the land and get expert advice during a one hour call with senior leadership at Crypto Press Engine. A great option if you're formulating your GTM strategy.

Monthly Retainer | $3000

Outsource your PR team and develop your strategy through weekly calls, consistent article placements and featured thought leadership pieces crafted by our editors and published in your name.

Not sure which package to choose?

Get in touch and we'll walk you through the details to determine just the Public Relations solution for you and your business. 

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